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Kitten for Adoption





My name is Smoke. I'm a beautiful smokey gray, long-haired, playful kitten. I am one of the last kittens from the Group of 40 to be rescued. I was therefore named after more modern artists - the rappers and singers! Have you checked out the amazing art that can be made with smoke? I am very sweet, curious and playful, and always want to see what is going on. While I was outside, my rescuer would put water outside for me. Because it was so cold, the water would freeze. One of my favourite games was to try and grab the air bubbles that were trapped under the layer of ice that started to form. I would play with this for a very long time and with so much force, that I often fell into the water bowl and got wet. (That part was not so fun - particularly when it was so cold out.) I am happy to be inside now and have more toys to play with. I enjoy wrestling and horsing around with other male cats. Apollinaire and I were a few of the last ones outside together, so we were very bonded. We were in a foster home together, but sadly my brother Apollinaire did not survive. I had to be moved to another foster home right away because I was sad and do not like to be on my own. I need to be with other playful kitties so that we can get up to mischief and play together. I am a 10-month old kitten. I have been neutered and vaccinated, and am ready to be adopted in my new home with lots of toys, with a caregiver who will spend a lot of time playing with me!