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Cats Rescued: 311

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Hungry and Homeless
Cat Rescue

Making a difference one small life at a time.

You can make a difference to the lives of animals by signing the petition to Update Canada's Animal Cruelty Laws here:

"There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats." - Albert Schweitzer

**Community Updates**


Nov. 24 - Dec. 7, 2014
Special incentives for adoptions of 5 urgent need cases.
Call-out to businesses to participate!
For more info:

Online web forms are now available for entering of missing cats, fostering and adopting.


GEORGIA, THEO & CLAUDIO are in a temporary foster room and urgently need a home together ASAP! 

FOUR SEASONS FAMILY Momma AUTOMNE  and kittens PRINTEMPS and HIVER urgently need home together ASAP.

REDDY & RIMBAUD - urgently need home with someone home a lot.

TOBI urgently needs a home ASAP

Have you seen Max? Reward Offered


                              In the streets or in your home?
                              Where does a cat have the best chance for a healthy happy life?
Street scene photo by Steve Faguy      

Last updated: November 8, 2014