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Sammie Miracle Cat


I am a very handsome short-hair striped brown tabby. I have the cutest face with sweet chubby cheeks and a smudge on my nose. My rescuer had been feeding me outside for almost 6 months through the winter, before I finally came inside. I was a tricky one to get inside, because I was so scared.

Once I was inside, it was another adventure! I escaped out of the carrier and hid in my rescuer's home. Eventually I settled down, and started jumping on my rescuer's bed at night for visits.

I was taken to the vet and was determined to be a healthy male. I tested positive for FIV but was likely only a carrier, as I am a very healthy boy. After the vet's, I was then moved to a foster home. I was scared at being in a new environment again, but soon settled down and am enjoying pats from my fosters. I love other cats and quickly bonded to my fosters' cat and to the foster kitty that was already there. I would do well in a home with other cats to play with!

Please keep my sweet face and chubby cheeks in mind when you are looking to adopt a cat! I would make a great companion to your cat. I would need a patient caregiver who knows that I am shy and would require lots of time and love before I become your cuddly companion. Please give me a chance at knowing what a real, permanent loving home feels like - I would really like to know......


NOTE 1: Sammie got out of his foster home due to careless landlord and servicemen who came to do some work and left the doors open. Sammie has been missing since end of May 2013. We are still looking for Sammie. :(

View Sammie's missing poster.

NOTE 2: Sammie is our "Miracle Cat" - because not only was he found after missing for 1 year and 9 months, but he has since fully recovered from his injuries and is not paralyzed as was initially suspected! On February 7, 2015 we received a call from the Ottawa-Carleton Emergency Veterinary Hospital that they Sammie! (They had identified him through his microchip - which thankfully he had done and been neutered before he went missing.) Sammie had been taken to the hospital because he was very unwell. He had been found stuck under a fence with his back legs and tail frozen in minus 30 degree weather. The lady who had been feeding him outside found him and had no idea how long he had been injured and frozen out there. She brought him inside but after a few days, he was still unable to walk, move his tail or control his bladder. She contacted another Rescue group for assistance, who took Sammie to the Hospital. He was either going to be euthanized or transferred to the Ottawa Humane Society, so we just got the call in time (Miracle #2)! Sammie stayed in the care of the Hospital that weekend, and then on Monday was transferred to a Vet Clinic for long-term care. He had a tail injury and it was suspected that he had spinal damage - which was preventing him from walking, moving his tail, or being able to eliminate his bowels and control his bladder. In order to pay for all this vet care, a fundraising page was set up for Sammie, and our next miracle (Miracle #4) was the generosity of all those who donated towards his care! The details can be followed on his fund-raising page:


A variety of tests and treatments were done for Sammie, and on Monday, he was transferred to the care of a vet clinic for 2 weeks. The fund-raising continued, and Sammie was able to have surgery to remove the blockage of his colon. After being hydrated through IV and on antibiotics for a bladder infection, Sammie slowly started improving, but long-term or permanent spinal damage was suspected....

After Sammie went missing, he apparently ended up in a backyard, where a kind lady had been feeding him outside all this time. Sammie had also been "adopted" by a cat named Miaow - who had been living outside and was being fed outside by the same lady for 4 years. Miaow fought off all the cats in the neighbourhood, but for whatever reason, he took Sammie under his wing and they became best friends. Miaow shared his outdoor shelter with Sammie, and they survived the winters by huddling together in the shelter at night. When we learned of Miaow's existence, and the fact that he had been frantically searching for Sammie since Sammie had been taken to the hospital, we decided to bring him inside as well, and reunite the best friends. This happened at the Vet Clinic on Valentine's Day! :)

A few days after the reunion with Miaow, everything that could have been done for Sammie had been done, so it was just a matter of letting his body heal and see how he would improve on his own. He therefore went to a foster home together with Miaow. Miracle #5 is that Sammie has improved so much, thanks in part to his foster's care and his best friend's company, that he is now able to fully walk again and also move his tail. He is also able to eliminate his bowels and bladder completely on his own now.

The other miracle (#6?) is that when we last saw Sammie before he went missing, he was a shy terrified cat! Now, he's a big sweet cuddly love monster who purrs when you pat him and wants to climb into your lap. That was probably his motivation to regain his mobility - to be able to jump up onto the bed for a visit with his foster!

The final miracle we are now hoping for - is a permanent home for both Sammie & Miaow together.....! (March 2015)


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