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Cat for Adoption

Mr. Mew mr mew mr mew  

I am a special boy. I was living outside for at least 4 years. I must have been someone's pet at some point, but I had become scared of people and quite anti-social. However, I have one special lady in my life. Four years ago, she started feeding me outside. Throughout the years, she slowly gained my trust and could pat me and cuddle me. However, I always stayed outside and was never brought inside. I had several serious injuries along the way, including either a broken leg or dislocated hip. It seemed to get worse with arthritis throughout the years, as I hobbled around on sometimes only 3 legs, and dragged my fourth leg behind me.....

One day, a new feeder showed up. She was looking for Sammie who had gone missing. A few days later, she met the kind lady who had been feeding me all these years, who filled me in on my story. Apparently I had fathered many kittens in the neighbourhood, many of whom never survived. I was kind of a grumpy old man outside, and fiercely defended my territory and food.

My feeder agreed that I should be taken in to be seen by a vet for all my injuries and be neutered - so that I was not producing more homeless kittens outside. So, I was taken in by the Rescue. The foster home that had taken in Lord Frontenac agreed to take me too! Even though Lord Frontenac and I squabbled outside, it was only because we were both starving and homeless and unneutered. Our rescuers knew that once we were neutered and had regular food and a home, we would actually appreciate each other's company.

I was quite a mess - covered in scabs and cuts throughout my entire body. I went on antibiotics, and was in too much of a weakened state to be neutered right away. I will be neutered soon. I did test positive for FIV, but once I get good food, a chance to fully rest and recover, and take some meds, I will once again be a healthy beautiful boy.

Because no one had ever picked me up or handled me a lot outside, I was a little nervous of people. However, it didn't take me long either to realize that I quite enjoyed the affection and attention. I soon became a cuddle-bug and wanted nothing more than to cuddle on laps and be loved.

Will you please adopt me and give me the life I always wished I had? I used to look into people's windows, and wish that I had a home where I was loved. I always wanted to feel safe in a home where I could rest and stop running and having to always be in survival mode - fighting continuously to stay alive.... Will you please grant me that wish?



The night before Mr. Mew was to be neutered, he got out of his foster home. He is still missing and we are desperately trying to bring him back inside. He was finally healthy before he got out, so we are worried for his health being back outside in an unfamiliar territory.



mr mew mr mew



mr mew mr mew mr mew mr mew