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Like many of the kitties from the Group of 40, I too was named after an artist. I am a gorgeous white and yellow cat, although it's hard to see at the moment. I used to be as handsome and bushy as Willy, but because I was outside a lot longer, I got quite sick and pretty scrawny. I came inside just the nick of time, as I was pretty sick. I had a bad upper respiratory infection, cuts all across my nose. My tail had a huge gash in it, but luckily the antibiotics helped it heal, and I did not lose my tail. When I went to the bathroom, the urine got tangled in my long thick matts, keeping my bottom permanently wet - even in the sub-zero weather. My bottom and hind legs were such a mess, that they were completely shaved clean, and I now have a bare bottom. (Please do not look if you come to visit me, as I am  a little self-conscious about my bare bottom.....) The vet combed out hand-fulls of matts while I went in to get the antibiotics and care that I needed. In fact, the vet probably saved my life. I was really not feeling well, and was pretty exhausted from always being cold, wet and hungry. When my rescuer put some food into a carrier for me, I went in and she closed the door. As soon as the door closed, I lay down in exhaustion, and looked at her saying "what took you so long to help me"? I was rushed to vet for immediate attention, and I am slowly getting better. I have been enjoying the warmth, the regular food, and the rest that I really needed. Sadly, the vet determined that I do have FIV, so I will likely need to be an only cat, or be a companion cat to another FIV+ cat. Other than that, I am healthy now, and I am starting to look like my former handsome self. My coat is looking thicker and cleaner again, and I am regaining energy. I am approximately four years old. I have been neutered and vet checked, and am now ready for a long-term foster home, or to be adopted into a permanent home.