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I am nicknamed "Willy", after Vincent Van Gogh's sister, "Wil." I am part of the Group of 40 cats rescued from outside, and named after various artists. I am a beautiful long-haired super fluffy yellow & white female. I look a lot pudgier than I am, just because my coat is so fluffy. I am a very timid girl, and would do well in a home with other cats. I would make an ideal companion cat, as I love playing and being with other cats. I was a lot more outgoing outside, as I loved to hang out with my cousin Rothko. However, since we have been separated (he was outside a lot longer than I was), I became more subdued and timid. However, I am now enjoying myself in my emergency intake area. I am slowly coming out of my shell, and enjoy grooming myself in front of my caregiver and observing the world around me. I love watching my caregiver's cats play together, and am slowly understanding what play time is. When we were outside, we were always in survival mode, and did not have time or the energy to play. I am about 4 years old, and have been spayed, vaccinated, and deemed healthy by the vet. I would do well in a home with a very patient caregiver, who would not expect me to be a lap kitty.